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Professional and Efficient Services to Meet Business Needs

Advanced Deployment

Product deployment, launch and using services are provided with deep understanding of customer needs, combined with the proven TPA delivery methodology.

Integrated Development

Integrated development services can meet the personalized development needs of application system integration in project delivery, or provide timely and professional guidance for customers' integrated development work.

On-site Support

On-site engineer services are provided in usage period to meet customers' professional needs for technical support, configuration adjustment, training and others.

Core Value of Delivery Methodology

Business Scenario Oriented

Create business value continuously based on customer business scenarios rather than product usage scenarios.

Complete Delivery Process

The complete project delivery process includes: project preparation, business blueprint design, system delivery and online support.

Mature Management System

Supports industry-practiced DLS document management systems and business continuity frameworks.

Empower Customers Continuously

A large amount of knowledge output in project delivery helps customers train professionals in the field.

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