Recruitment Position

Recruitment Position
Sales Manager(Asia Pacific)


1. Undertake the company's regional sales strategy and performance objectives, and achieve sales target in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market;

2. Be responsible for the establishment, maintenance, development and management of regional cooperation channels, including the development of new channels, the maintenance of existing channels, empowering and consolidating the cooperation relationship of the responsible channels;

3. Be responsible for communicating the latest policies, systems and market dynamic information of the company to responsible channels, ensure the effective implementation of all policies and systems of the company;

4. Responsible for partner development and project management in responsible areas;

5. Develop customers (T2 and above) and establish good customer relationship according to the designated industry;

6. Be responsible for collecting payment from the channel / customer.


1. At least 4 years sales experience in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software;

2. Ability to work in English, bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronics, marketing, etc;

3. Have certain industry development, channel development and management ability, have strong project control ability;

4. Good interpersonal communication skills; self-study ability, hard-working;

5. Singapore citizen and PR is preferred;

6. Candidates fluent in Mandarin is a plus as it requires candidate to communicate with colleagues from headquarters in China. If you are interested, for the convenience of contact, please attach your WeChat on resume.

Senior Technical Engineer


1. Be responsible for installation implementation and acceptance check of products in responsible regions;

2. Responsible for POC test, aftersales technical support and product use training of all projects in the region;

3. Provide on-site or remote problem-solving service, including the problems caused by usage, user IT environment, user IT application system, etc.;

4. Provide technical training for technical engineers and partner engineers in responsible region.


1. English working ability, more than 4 years related working experience, solid foundation, working experience in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) field is preferred;

2. Master computer foundation, system admin, cyber security network structure, network management and maintenance experience is preferred;

3. Familiar with the principle of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) like OpenText, Box, Microsoft Share point, understand the current main products in ECM field. Understand the basic principle and structure of ECM, and the basic concept of Cloud Native and AI;

4. Familiar with one or more in Azure/AWS/Office 365/Huawei Cloud/VMware, basic knowledge of virtualization and the operators of virtualization platform are preferred;

5. Familiar with one or more in windows / Linux / Unix system, familiar with the implementation configuration of main storage brands, relevant technical qualification certificate is preferred;

6. Familiar with one or more of Oracle / SQL Server / DB2 / Sybase / exchange server / Domino management;

7. Familiar with one or more of PowerShell Script JavaScript/Java/Python/ASP/C#;

8. Good communication skills, team work spirit, strong sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit; able to work under pressure and accept business trip;

9. Singapore Citizen and PR is preferred;

10. Candidates fluent in Mandarin is a plus as it requires candidate to communicate with colleagues from headquarters in China. If you are interested, for the convenience of contact, please attach your WeChat on resume.

Vice President of Overseas Sales


1. Responsible for developing customers and channels in overseas markets, tackling key projects, and providing relevant technical services to achieve revenue and profit targets;

2. Responsible for the ecological construction of overseas markets, and facilitate the cooperation with Microsoft, SAP and other manufacturers;

3. Responsible for the daily management of overseas sales and technical teams, talent training and team construction.


1. BASE in Singapore, bachelor degree or above, good English skill, major related to computer science is preferred;

2. More than 8 years of sales experience and more than 5 years of team management experience;

3. Familiar with the basic software industry, have a deeper understanding of SAAS software, work experience in companies like Microsoft, SAP is preferred;

4. Rich experience in ecological construction, familiar with operation methods of joint product innovation, joint solution, joint marketing, etc.;

5. Have good industry insight, strategic execution and ecological integration ability.