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The power of Platform + Partner Network

Nowadays, our customers are at a critical stage of digital transformation. Exploring the value of data and empowering business with data has become the main theme. AISHU's Platform + Partner Network strategy is committed to building a leading big data infrastructure platform for customers and carrying out joint innovation with partners to meet customers' business demands in various industries and unleash the power of Platform + Partner Network.

Empowering customers' digitalization together through multiple joint innovation scenarios

Key Application Innovation

Accelerating the innovation lifecycle and empowering enterprise applications with richer data service capabilities

Industry Solution Innovation

Leveraging data capabilities based on industry scenarios to empower industry digitization together

Data Tool Innovation

Helping customers increase efficiency and create value while facing the broad demand for innovative data governance and analysis tools

Joint innovation with AISHU is an end-to-end process

Our aim is to support our partners and help them create the best products to provide the customers with more advanced product portfolios and solution capabilities.

How it works:

Value assessment: discussing and evaluating the business value of the joint innovation solution together with AISHU product team

Development guide: AISHU integration & development team provides partners with expertise and guidance

Quality assurance: testing and evaluating according to AISHU's product quality standards and make provide suggestions for improvement

Market entry: business team helps partners enter the market through joint marketing campaigns

What do we offer joint innovation partners?

In cooperation with you, we will assign a dedicated project manager to help you establish the best route and coordinate resources to achieve your joint innovation goals. Throughout the process, we will provide the following services.

Solution Value Assessment

·Business value assessment of joint innovation solutions

·Customer needs insight analysis and solution optimization recommendations

·Formation of consistent ideas and plans

Architecture Review

·Introduction to the technical architecture of AISHU products

·API integration framework and best practice guidance

·Recommendations on security compliance requirements for architecture

Support & Guide

·API framework development practice workshop

·Sharing of quality and security compliance requirements

·Q&A for the developer community

Quality Assessment

·Testing of product quality standards

·Testing of security vulnerability baselines

·User experience recommendations

Application Release

·Release guidelines based on the Exchange community

·Sharing of best practices for app launch

List Support

·Compatibility mutual certification badges

·Press release and joint marketing campaign support

·Solution import support from both business teams

Partner Benefits

Let's innovate jointly to succeed in the trend of digital economy.

Business transformation or growth

entering new business fields, achieving organizational transformation or business growth

Broadening market boundary

expanding the usage scenarios of products and solutions through innovation to rapidly expand the target customer base

Accelerating innovation cycle

integrating and innovating based on the mature data platform to rapidly form innovation output

Creating competitive advantages

integrating rich data service capabilities to significantly enhance the competitiveness of product solutions

Expanding marketing opportunities

showing innovative solutions to AISHU's customers through joint marketing campaigns with AISHU (e.g. AISHU SMART Summit, co-marketing on AISHU website, etc.)

Success cases