Eisoo has passed the certification of ISO27001


Eisoo has passed the certification of ISO27001 recognized by international authorities for their information security management.

With the coming era of big data and cloud computing, information security has been gradually attracting people’s eyes. All the institutions, organizations and even individuals are all exploring solutions for this problem.

Recently, Eisoo has officially passed verification and certification by NQA, and was awarded the certificate for ISO27001 Information Security Management System Authentication. This progress signifies that Eisoo has been ranked among the top of world leading IT industries, and fully in line with related international standards.


As a globally authoritative standard on information security, ISO27001 was formerly named as BS7799. BSI proposed it and took part in the revision. The standard was divided into two parts. The first part relates to suggestions on information safety management for the staffs responsible for starting, implementing or maintaining securities in their organizations. The second part illustrates the requirements on ISMS building, implementing and documenting, and stipulates the security control requirements according to the needs of independent organizations.

The Information Security Management System Standard (ISO27001) is a management system standard in the field of information security. It has been recognized by many countries which is the most authoritative, strictest and most widely accepted and applied information security standard in the world.

ISO27001 has strict verification standard and authoritative certification system. The result of passing it, fully indicates that Eisoo has built scientific and efficient management system, and the capabilities for information security guarantees comply with the requirements specified in the international standard, and will be further upgraded on this basis.

Internally, it is beneficial to strengthen employees' information security awareness and create a more standardized security supervision model. Externally, it has once again confirmed Eisoo’s high-quality information security management and protection capabilities.

In addition to ISO27001 certification, Eisoo has also gained ISO9001 certification for quality management system and ISO14001 certification for environmental management system. Over the years, Eisoo has always focused on the research & development, and upgrading of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. It has also practiced the basic principles of self-control, security and reliability in solving the data service problems in the digital era.

In the future, Eisoo will continue to carry out standardized information security constructions  in a deep-going way, practice lean strategy, and usher in industry security norms for the users' data security!


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