Mutual Authentication with INESA (Group), Accelerate Product Integration

Recently, two products of AISHU —— AnyShare and AnyRobot, have successfully completed the mutual certification of product compatibility with
INESA's "i-stack cloud operating system software". It is the first step of strategic cooperation between AISHU and INESA to realize the integration and docking at the product level. Also, It will lay a foundation for the following cooperation between the two sides in big data cloud services, smart city and localized ecological development.
Last month, AISHU and INESA held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony, officially opening the deepening cooperation mode of joint innovation, development and business integration. INESA's "i-stack cloud operating system software" provide enterprises and governments with efficient, low-cost information infrastructure, while AISHU is a leading Big Data infrastructure provider, extract data value by delivering instant and real-time data services.
Next, the two sides will set up a joint innovation laboratory to study specific applications of building smart city, Including smart government, smart education, smart medical care, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart finance, etc. INSEA has rich experience and leading edge in smart city. In the meanwhile, AISHU's big data infrastructure, combined with artificial intelligence technology and knowledge mapping technology of multi-modal data intelligence, can deeply explore data value, which will provide a strong driving force for all kinds of research and application in the field of smart city.

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