AISHU in Coronavirus Crisis: Love Is What We Have to Fight Against COVID-19

The year 2020 begins with an unusual start. The COVID-19 hit every corner of the world, luckily, so did love. Thanks to everyone’s effort, our war against coronavirus achieves a staged victory.

In these days, AISHU launched escort operations and donated data management devices to support frontline hospitals and education organizations. Up to the end of March, AISHU has provided free complete data backup and recovery construction and rich data services for dozens of hospitals and education organizations.

Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, Leishenshan Hospital, Huarun Wuhan Steel Plant General Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical School, Taiyuan Center Hospital……it is countless frontline medical professions that are supporting these hospitals. It is AISHU’s responsibility and most valuable support that we could provide to protect one of their weapons, data.

Due to strict control in this special period, AISHU’s staff and engineers had to overcome various difficulties and successfully deployed these devices in the hospitals.

AISHU actively supported education industry to address their continuous online education needs. We provided remote collaboration, document management and data security services and assisted them in the preparation for students to return to school. Furthermore, AISHU also donated content cloud services to education organizations such as Yangtze University.

The online education program of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China took AnyShare as their resource center to provide 50T space for students and teachers during the coronavirus breakout. The download amount per week exceeded 800 thousand. In the adaptability testing period of college entrance examination, AISHU formulated an emergency plan to support the completion of the test.

This coronavirus outbreak hits almost every organization. In order to help our partners to turn crisis into opportunities, AISHU organized online courses to share knowledge and empower partners. In February and March, AISHU organized 38 public courses of more than 43 hours in total, with over 25000 audiences. AISHU’s partner ecosystem plan kept on going in this crisis.

In this key period of economic recovery, the power of digitalization will contribute to industrial restart. AISHU big data infrastructure will ensure data security by protection, management and data analysis, to activate data energy and empowers every industry.


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