AnyShare Supports BOCF to Build Digital Rural Banks through the Distributed Deployment of 125 Branches

Digitization has become the trend of rural inclusive finance development. It is the key to promote rural finance with digital technology to control risks, reduce costs, and expand the coverage of financial services.

Here is the story of BOC Fullerton Community Bank (BOCF).

BOCF, jointly established by Temasek's Fullerton Financial Holdings and the Bank of China (BOC), is currently the largest rural banking group in China.

In the past, the file exchanges in BOCF are mainly through the shared disk and emails. "Our administrative department needs to check the confidentiality of the shared disk every year, so does the IT department to clean up the permissions of the shared disk every year. However, due to the technical limitations of the shared disk itself, the issues in file exchange are becoming increasingly prominent." Said the head of the IT Department of BOCF Head Office.

After consideration, BOCF decided to shut down the shared disk and use AISHU AnyShare to build a safe and efficient document exchange platform, which solves the security and compliance issues of the existing file exchanges through unified circulation, unified classification, unified record, unified approval, while satisfying more application scenarios.

· Distributed deployment of head office and branches, independent management and nearby access
· Flexible purchase and deployment model for branches, subscription procurement on demand
· Data exchange across network segments of the headquarters to ensure the security and controllability of business data
· Standard document management system, unified management standards
· All-round security system to meet the requirements of multi-dimensional compliance control
· TPA delivery methodology, efficient delivery in stages

BOCF attaches great importance to the exploration and application of fintech, conforms to the digital inclusive trend, and promotes the digital upgrade of rural banks, which has achieved positive results.


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