AISHU Named a Representative Vendor in the "2022 ifenxi · Artificial Intelligence Vendor Panorama Report"

The "2022 ifenxi · Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vendor Panorama Report" was recently released by ifenxi, the leading industrial digital research and consulting organization in China.

AISHU was mentioned as a representative vendor in the report for AI knowledge management. Ifenxi identified AISHU for its mature and stable AI technologies in machine vision, machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graphs, as well as rich knowledge operation methods and tool support capabilities.

According to ifenxi, “AISHU AnyShare KnowledgeCenter is an enterprise-level knowledge management product with cognitive intelligence. By combining the content capability of AISHU AnyShare with the knowledge graph technology of AnyDATA, it provides intelligent knowledge assets integration, management, presentation and use capabilities for large comprehensive groups, intelligent manufacturing, scientific research institutes, engineering survey and design, new retail, IT and Internet, professional consulting and other knowledge-intensive organizations, to build an intelligent knowledge center of enterprises.”

Previously, AISHU was also named in the “2020 ifenxi · Data Intelligent Vendor Panorama Report”, “2020 ifenxi · China Data Intelligent Application Trend Report” and "2021 ifenxi · Data Intelligence Platform Vendor Panorama Report". The Smart City Industrial Brain Project constructed by AISHU for Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City was also mentioned as a successful case at the data level in the "ifenxi Artificial Intelligence Application Practice Report 2022".

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